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      Freight Systems – Freight Forwarding Company
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      Corporate Social Responsibility

      FSL had been an early adopter of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives.

      Even before the advent of the mandatory provisions with regard to CSR, Our Company had been contributing towards education of impoverished students of Sweet Angels School in St. Mary’s Hill of Kurseong Village of Darjeeling District in West Bengal.

      Though Kurseong Village houses few Boarding schools, Sweet Angels is the only school in St. Mary’s Hill. The Schools does not have any Government aid and operates purely on sponsorship. It caters predominantly to the children of the labourers in Tea Estates in Kurseong.

      The school has been established by Sweet Angel’s Educational and Welfare Society. It educates primary students from Classes I to IV. Larger section of the Children is provided free education with Lunch free of cost and free transport facilities. They are given two sets of uniforms, winter clothing, and shoes each year.

      The detailed report on CSR Initiatives is available on Page 16 & 17 of the Director’s Report