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      Freight Systems – Freight Forwarding Company
      Customer Care  +971 - 4 - 8815154

      Perishable Logistics

      Innovative cold chain solutions.

      Driving our goal of innovation, we offer a custom-made logistics package to our customers by providing a single source for all their warehousing, packing and shipping needs.

      Our team of experts in Perishable Logistics help handle distribution of perishable items, taking into account the time and temperature sensitivity for the transportation of perishable goods.

      We offer Perishable Logistics for the following products

      • Fresh Cut Flowers
      • Live Plants
      • Dairy Products
      • Fish
      • Fruits & Vegetables
      • Live Animals
      • Hatching Eggs
      • Confectionary
      • Meat
      • Food Items

      Perishable Cargo Handling solutions

      • Pre-carriage
      • Sea freight / Air freight / Land transport
      • Dubai municipality (Registering & processing the FIRS)
      • Dubai customs ( E-clearance)
      • Cross docking
      • Cold storage
      • Pick & pack
      • Distribution
      • Quality Checks
      • Transportation
      • Visibility
      • Insurance